Murang’a MCAs bribed – Aukot

Thirdway Alliance leader Ekuru Aukot, who is spearheading the Punguza Mizigo initiative. [Standard] Thirdway Alliance party leader Ekuru Aukot has accused the state of bribing Members of the Murang’a County Assembly after the second rejection of his Punguza Mizigo Bill in central Kenya.  Some of the Murang’a MCAs were not convinced that the bill was a deal for the common Mwanachi citing underrepresentation as the major demerit of Punguza Mizigo.Some termed the bill as a depreciative of devolution. “Before the deadline of October 22, the state and powers that be would have spent KES 250 million of your taxes attempting or actually bribing (as it happened in Murang’a today) the 2500 MCAs to reject Punguza Mizigo Bill. I wonder why?” posted Aukot on Twitter. 

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Muran’g County is second in Mount Kenya region to reject the bill after Kirinyaga as the debate of the bill at the national level draws close. Nonetheless, the former presidential aspirant is determined to ensure the bill is fruitful. “Corruption won. We are still on course to end corruption and thieves of public money. Aluta Continua.”

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Dr Aukot has also affirmed that his party will never give up advocating the bill that addresses overrepresentation and aims to reduce the cost of running Parliament from current Sh36.8 billion to Sh5 billion per year. “Never! We are in this for the long haul. By the time they spend 100k per MCA, you know we are into a big thing. We are here to stay and to preach Punguza Mizigo Bill”

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Explaining on circumstances that led to the rejection of the bill, Murangá County Assembly Majority Leader Erick Kamanda said that MCAs felt insecure about their positions despite the bill stating that most of the resources will be devolved to the ward level. The Punguza Mizigo bill requires support from at least 24 counties to sail through Parliament to referendum.

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