Forum tells off Raila over bid to reduce number of MCAs

Raila OdingaODM leader Raila Odinga The County Assemblies Forum has told off Opposition leader Raila Odinga over his proposal that the number of Members of the County Assembly be reduced to guarantee success of devolution. On Sunday, Raila argued that the huge number of MCAs was a burden to taxpayers because it led to a huge wage bill.He said a referendum was eminent to allow the public choose the number of MCAs to represent them, adding that a majority were not performing their duties effectively.Forum chairman John Osoi, however, criticised Raila’s sentiments, saying the country could afford to sustain the ward representatives.

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He also observed that there are 1,459 electoral wards and some of them are bigger than constituencies.He said trying to merge them would make a mockery of the representation and called on the Government to instead carry out civic education for every leader to understand their roles.This, he said, would ensure that an MCA cannot behave like a senator or governor and vice versa.“I would like to respectfully correct Baba that 1,450 electoral wards are the lowest we can get,” Osoi told Raila. Nairobi County Assembly Majority Leader Abdi Guyo observed that the country ought to either abolish the Senate or the county assemblies in their entirety.

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